Honeywell Evohome  Р Simple is good !

There is no point to having heating controls that you find difficult use or set up, you will eventually give up and start controlling it by the main on off switch. This then is a complete failure.Our mission is to hand over a reliable intuitive easy to use system to control your heating no matter how many rooms or how complex it is. We alway use the Honeywell evohome zoning system because the user experience and interface is so intuitive and simple making it an enjoyable task not a nightmare.

Honeywell evohome – So easy to use

An Evohome installation when designed and installed correctly can easily take control of the most complex heating system and provide you with the simplest intuitive controls, even if you think you have limited grasp of technology you will find it so simple and quickly enjoy engaging with the heating control.

Solve your temperature control problems with evohome

Most of our customers have had problems controlling their heating, the problems are normally due to poor original design of their heating system, bad positioning of thermostats or just the layout or shape of their home makes it impossible to have a comfortable temperature in all areas.

We see these situations and problems again and again, many customers have to have their heating much hotter in the area where the thermostat is just to get the room they want to be in at a comfortable level, this is really uncomfortable and a massive waste of energy. Installing Honeywell evohome has solved all these problems every time.