Solve your temperature control problems with evohome

Most of our customers have had problems controlling their heating, the problems are normally due to poor original design of their heating system, bad positioning of thermostats or just the layout or shape of their home makes it impossible to have a comfortable temperature in all areas.

We see these situations and problems again and again, many customers have to have their heating much hotter in the area where the thermostat is just to get the room they want to be in at a comfortable level, this is really uncomfortable and a massive waste of energy. Installing Honeywell evohome has solved all these problems every time. 


One device controls all types of heating. Evohome can control radiators, underfloor heating, wet and electric, hot water storage, electric radiators. All these different types of heating simply controlled with one device.

Unlike many other systems evohome will still work with no internet connection, in fact it will still work manually with no main controller touch screen, so it has really good built in simple fail safe design. You will always be able to control your heating.