Honeywell evohome is an amazing powerful zoning system, when installed correctly it is robust and reliable. There are so many things that affect signal and performance starting with the correct set up. If the basics are not correct and bound correctly it will make the system slow to respond and ineffective.

The position of the BDR91 relay units is crucial to make the signal reliable, it sounds simple but we are called out to correct these problems all the time. Are the HR92’s correctly bound and locked to the base, are the batteries in top condition ?

Do not wall mount your screen until you’re absolutely sure it is the optimum position.

We have installed over 200 evohome systems and have found that a reliable evohome system is down to a perfect instal. Call us we can help you solve signal issues and stop evohome driving you mad !

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The images show how NOT to install BDR91 realys, these instals will have signal issues. Can you see why ?

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