Honeywell evohome is a simple to use smart heating controller that can control all types of heating via one device. By using the Honeywell UFH manifold controller ( HCC80R  ), and separate wireless thermostats for each room or zone it’s simple. All your rooms or zones appear on the touch screen or app making it so simple to set up schedules of time and temperature.

At Mclean Electrical we have taken control of heating systems with multiple UFH manifolds and created a simple to use system all controlled via one app.

It is even possible to combine two UFH zones from different manifold controllers to form a single area controlled by one thermostat.

The UFH manifold controller only requires a power supply there is no need for complex interconnecting wires. This save time and costs. The HCC80R UFH manifold controller is simplest the best UFH controller on the market, it is the most adaptable, powerful and when combined with the evohome zoning system is the simplest to use. We have controlled hundreds of under floor heat zones and the HCC80R  controller is by far the best the is.

evohome installer


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