Mclean Electrical are confident we can sort it so it works perfectly and reliably.

With the 5 years experience in evohome and hundreds of installs we know how to make sure you get what you want from the system. May be your plumber or electrician has had a go at setting up the evohome system and they have told you it’s all working fine but you suspect it’s not working fine at all and it’s starting to drive you mad !

This is getting more common, and it’s a shame you didn’t get an expert evohome installer fist time round.

Call or email Mclean Electrical 07970 035482 we will give you a fixed quote to check everything and set it up so it simply does what you want and when you want. We will guide you through how the system works, how to best control it and how to get the most out of the evohome system. When it is set up correctly it is a really intuitive simple to use heating zoning system.

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