evohome can control the following:

How many rooms or zones can evohome control – 12 zones or rooms per touch screen but you can keep adding screens to suit your needs. In a large house you can have one screen per floor or wing. Access all the screens via the app its really simple.

Can you mix electric heating and boiler heating – yes you can, there is a special option when setting up the system to have both electric radiators or boiler heated radiators or even underfloor heating.

Can evohome control an immersian heater – yes it can, it’s just needs setting up and controlling correctly.

Does it matter what boiler I have ? – No evohome can control all boiler types, Gas, Oil, Electric, Heat pumps.

Evohome is an incredible product, reliable and easy to use if installed perfectly by an experienced engineer. Contact Mclean Electrical for the perfect trouble free evohome installation.

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