RCD tripping help and advice for the Grantham Lincolnshire area.

Before you call an electrician try this:

Switch off all circuit breakers then try to turn the rcd on, if it stays on slowly turn on each breaker one at a time. You will probably find one of the circuit breakers will cause the RCD to trip again. Try to turn off or unplug each item on that circuit one at a time and try the circuit breaker each time, you may find what is causing it to trip. Leave this item unplugged or off and call mclean electrical to talk through the problem.

If it is not possible to reset the RCD at all it is probably a neutral fault which will need an electrician to find the fault.

Mclean Electrical can send a qualified trained electrican with special test equipment to find and repair the fault.

The RCD has tripped because there is a fault – it is there to protect you from electric shock, never think of by passing it, it is very dangerous !

It is vital the RCD is working correctly, it is there to save your life, we will test the RCD to confirm it operates to the limits set by BS7671 with calibrated test equipment. Mclean electrical will always issue an electrical certificate for any changes or additions to your electrical system. Be Safe be sure to use Mclean Electrical fully NICEIC approved and certified.

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