BDR91 Wireless Relay Box



Honeywell wireless relay box, evohome compatible. Really useful unit for heating control.

Can be used as boiler relay, zone valve relay, control under floor heating. Or to communicate with honeywell wireless thermostats.

Can control an immersion heater if used with a heavy duty relay contactor unit !


BDR91 relay box honeywell

BDR91 used for underfloor heating:

The BDR91 can be used instead of the HCC80R manifold controller, it is simple, each UFH zone is controlled be a BDR91 bound as a zone valve to evohome and a suitable thermostat bound as a temperature sensor.

A relay may be required for multiple zones to activate the UFH pump. Please contact us for details.

This set up will work and control UFH exactly the same as using a HCC80R.

Honeywell BDR91 relay box

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