What we can control with Honeywell evohome

All types of heating controlled by one system and one app, really simple.

  • Boilers, oil, gas or electric, heat pumps & solar thermal.
  • Central heating Radiators, towel rails, fan assisted radiators.
  • Underfloor heating, wet or electric mat. Multiple manifolds are no problem.
  • Zone valves to control groups of radiators i.e.. an entire floor.
  • Hot water storage, heated by boiler or immersion. Vented or unvented.
  • Electric radiators, oil filled, convection or fan assisted.
  • If it is not on the list contact us to go through you project, we can usually find a simple solution.

Evohome is not limited to 12 zones

Each evohome screen has a maximum of 12 zones + hot water control. However the system can easily be expanded by adding multiple evohome screens to accommodate your requirements. Each screen is given a name and is shown as a list of locations on the app, so it is simple to hop in and out of each area. For example a property may have 3 floors or wings, each area can have its own screen and name so it’s really easy to control.

Evohome control for an immersion heater

Evohome can control and switch an immersion heater, we use special units to control the loads. You will be able to set times and see the actual hot water cylinder temperature. There is up to six switching times per day and a boost button.

It is possible to heat your hot water cylinder either by your boiler or immersion, we fit a selector near the cylinder so you can choose how you want to heat your hot water.  This is useful for properties with large heating system that are inefficient to use just to heat the hot water during the summer months.

If you have a large hot water cylinder we can offer the option to heat all the cylinder or part of it, please let us know if you require this option.