Problems getting wifi around your home or business ?

Constantly loosing connection ?

Is your network slow !


We offer a simple solution, one password, seamless wifi everywhere.


Wifi anywhere and everywhere,

Home or Office

 Inside or outdoors. Simple one network with one password regardless of how many wifi units are installed to provide full coverage.

We install data and wifi networks in the Grantham and Lincolnshire areas

You will be able to walk through different areas without loosing signal, the network will seamlessly hand over to the next wifi unit and then to the next wherever you are in the property. Seamless simple fast wifi.

A solid wifi coverage opens up options for all smart devices to connect to the internet and to each other including mobile phones – calls & texts over wifi.

Smart Tv’s, cctv, smart heating controls, all connected devices.

Mclean Electrical located in Grantham Lincolnshire can provide Data systems in cat5e, cat6, cat6a installed and certified to industries highest standards by qualified network engineers with the Fluke Network Analyser. 

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