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The Survey

The survey for a heat pump involves looking at the existing heating system details, size and type of the existing boiler, size of the existing radiators, size and design of the existing pipe work. It is vital this is carried with great care and accurate details to be able to design a heat pump system.

Possible positions for the external heat pump and hot water cylinder.

Detailed heat loss survey of the property. this involves measuring every room to be heated, what the building is constructed from, all insulation types in walls floors and ceilings.

These details are the input into MCS approved software to calculate the heat requirements for each room and the whole house.

Only then can a suitable heat pump be chosen. using all the heatless data a very accurate picture of the heating required can be predicted so when a heat pump is fitted we will be confident it will provide heating and hot water requirements to at least -3 degs centigrade.

There is absolutely no rules of thumb or guesswork it is all about accurate collection of data, which together with our software will output a design and type of heat pump for your requirements. The heat pump will heat your home and be as efficient as possible.

Heat loss calculation example for single room. Each room will be calculated to provide the design.

Heat pump Heat losses example
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