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Air Source heat pump controls

Honeywell Evohome multi zoning system


Simple to use heating controls - evohome

evohome is really simple to use and program. Everyone hates setting up  heating and hot water programs but evohome with its large touch screen makes it really easy.

You can controls your house as one area or zone or split it up so you can control upstairs and downstairs separately or even control individual rooms separately.

Many people are working from home now and when you are working at a desk for a long time you will need the room to be quite warm because you may be inactive for long periods. So the room temperature may need to be higher than the rest of the house, so to save energy and increase comfort individual rooms can simply be added with separate control of time a temperature.


evohome will also control hot water, showing the temperature of the hot water stored in the cylinder.

Evohome is compatible with controlling heat pumps, with features specifically designed for heat pumps.

The evohome touch screen does not need any internet connection to work but if you chose to connect it to the internet all the controls will work on smartphones, tablets and computers.

The app control is also very simple.

We will guide you through how to use evohome and set up all the zones and apps.

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